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We are full service Landscape Company, established in 1974 by Tom Hershey in Manheim, PA. In 2008 Dave Groff began the process of purchasing the business from Tom and obtained full ownership in 2015. Dave has worked at Tom Hershey Landscaping LLC for over 20 years. Altogether, the crew has over 100 years of landscape experience.

We are a relatively small business in terms of number of employees. However, our client base has widely expanded in the past several years. There is no job to big or small, and it is our goal to exceed our clients’ expectations. Tom Hershey Landscaping has experience in commercial and residential projects. We are fully insured and licensed. We look forward to serving our customers in the years to come.  


We work hard to respect your time and resources. 


Your trust matters to us. You can count on a job well done.



We work hard to provide the best experience with your project.

Envisioning, installing and maintaining outdoor living environments

Our Mission

At Tom Hershey Landscaping, we are built on honesty, respect and hard work. Your vision is our mission.

As outdoor lovers ourselves, our goal is to make your outdoor living space perfect for your needs. We strive to provide the best experience with your project, whether large or small, from the design phase to the completion of installation.


We are respectful in considering your time and resources. For this reason we pride ourselves on returning your phone call and email inquires in a timely fashion and providing an estimate we can stand by. Our client base has grown considerably by earning the trust of our clients.


It is our goal to be reliable and trustworthy and produce quality work, we pride ourselves in a job well done. We use only quality plants and products.


It is our goal to provide the best experience with your project whether large or small from the design phase to completion of installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a tree/shrub planting guarantee?
Yes, we do provide a one year guarantee. It starts from the time of planting, on all the shrubs and trees we plant.
What is nutsedge?
Nutsedge is a thin bladed warm season perennial grass that may appear in your lawn in late May or early June. It is a lighter shade of green and tends to grow noticeably faster than the remainder of your lawn.
How do I remove nutsedge from my lawn?
In addition to the lawn care program, we offer a contact spray that will remove it for the season. Unfortunately it is only a temporary band-aid. The spray only removes the grass for the season and additional action will be necessary again the following year. At this time, there is no available product to eradicate this weed from your lawn.
Is there shrubs or trees that would be considered no-maintenance?
No, there is no such thing as no-maintenance plants. There are particular shrubs and trees that are slow growing, but over time they need to be maintained, pruned, and or trimmed. At mature plant sizes, mulch beds can quickly fill in and become too full if the shrubs are not properly maintained.

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